Animal Jam | Fun Online Animal Game

Celebrating 10 Years!

On September 9, 2010, Animal Jam Classic was first launched on ANIMALJAM.COM with just 6 animals and 4 lands to explore!
Jamaa's oceans became explorable with underwater animals, and players adopted their first pets to follow them around Jamaa!
Players let their artistic skills shine by creating art in the new Painting activity, and learned about sea life in Tierney's Aquarium!
For the first time, players embarked on Adventures to battle malicious Phantoms alongside Jamaa's guardians, the Alphas!
New experiences unfolded across more Adventures like Bitter Sweets, Jamaaliday Rescue, and the first flying-animal Adventure, The Forgotten Desert!
On August 18 2015, Animal Jam was released on mobile devices, and players jumped into a whole new world of Jamaa in full 3D!
Animal Jam Classic players became able to turn their works of art into Masterpieces to display in their dens or trade with friends!
Animal Jam players created Packs, and worked together with their Packmates to collect prizes and climb the leaderboard on Pack Runs!
A rogue Phantom opened a portal to the Phantom Dimension, and players entered a spooky new land complete with Phantom battles and potion shops!
Players' My Shops opened for business as the island of Moku'ahi opened in Animal Jam! Players sent their pets on Expeditions to discover exotic pets!
Animal Jam players learn about renewable energy with Eco Items, and show off their modeling skills by creating unique den items with MasterBlocks!


The folks who've worked on Animal Jam over the years are sharing their favorite memories of Animal Jam. Feel free to join in and share own stories about what AJ and the AJ community have meant to you over the past decade using the hashtag #AJMemories.

“One of my favorite AJ memories was hanging with this little furry fellow at Craft Lake City STEM exposition.” -Pete

“Creating the legendary Alphas: Liza, Sir Gilbert, Greely, Graham, Cosmo and Peck. They defend Jamaa against the toxic phantoms. The Alphas also love cookies.” -Taylor

“Some nights I can’t sleep because that darn gecko song gets stuck in my head” -Max

“I remember escaping the animation dungeon, to go work the AJ booth at FanX.” -Mac

“Fixing server code late on deploy nights with Colter and Darren. We were the unstoppable bug squashing trio!” -Josh

“One year for Halloween, employees got to design ‘Hidden Phantoms’ around the office for a treasure hunt game. I made The Very Hungry Phantipillar!” -Karianne

“We had the immense honor of granting a Make-A-Wish request for an incredible girl named Meagyn by giving her a full day of fun at WildWorks' studio! She designed a pet, made some magic with the audio team, and finished the day with a livestream! It really drove home how much the work we do here can touch players everywhere, and how much they can touch us!” -Sam

“My favorite AJ memory actually happens every month – when I get to be in the meeting where the development team discusses what's coming up next in the game! I get so excited to hear about all the new things always coming to Animal Jam! ” -Rebecca

“The Phantom Dimension was our first in-game live event. The only way in was to dress up like a Phantom. It was so dang exciting watching the players trying to figure out how to open the portal. We had bets on how long it would take them — guesses were from anywhere from 5 minutes to 36 hours. It only took the players 90 seconds!” -Pat

“One of my favorite AJ Memories was a slithery face to face encounter with a python!” -Cami

“Adding Adventures into the game changed everything! It felt like a brand new game battling the phantoms alongside the alphas.” -Jenna

"When Nathan R, Steve F, Adam H, and myself presented our character pipeline at the inaugural SLC Comic Con with a cinematic quality SIR GILBERT!" -Dave

“After working until the wee hours of the morning due to a troublesome deploy, the boss bought us all breakfast burritos" -Elvir

CA-CAWWW! CA-CAWWW! CROOOAK NEIGH! I remember we use to have our very own zoo – or at least that’s what it felt like when our Programmers got rowdy. They would get their kicks from mimicking animal sounds.” -Andy