Animal Jam Rules

In order to make sure we all keep Animal Jam safe and fun, we ask that you follow these simple rules. If we find that you have broken any of our rules, you may be suspended or even banned from playing Animal Jam.

  • Keep Your Personal Information Private

    Never share any personal information that could compromise your identity. This includes your first and last name, home address, telephone number, contact info on Skype/other messaging apps, photos of yourself, where you go to school, and even your social media info. Learn More

  • Keep Your Account Secure

    Always keep your account information safe. Never, ever, ever share your username and password with anyone. NEVER! Doing so could result in a loss of all your game items. Animal Jam HQ will NOT replace any items as a result of improper game account safety. Learn More

  • Chat Safely

    Animal Jam is a fun and safe place for all players from different faiths, ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds. Jammers should always be respectful and kind to one another. Learn More

  • Play Fair

    ALWAYS use the trade system to trade for items. The trade system is designed to ensure you have the opportunity to review a trade and are comfortable with it before trading. If you are not comfortable with the trade then don't accept it. It's ok to say no. Learn More


    Never engage in any behaviors that attempt to defraud the site and/or trick other players. This includes impersonating AJHQ, as well as attempting to scam or coerce other players into decisions they may regret. If you cheat, Animal Jam HQ may permanently ban you from playing Animal Jam in any account you use. Learn More

  • Keep Jamaa Safe

    If you come across any players who may be violating the rules, please report them in-game Learn More

The above list is subject to change, and is neither exhaustive nor complete. For a comprehensive list of rules, please see the See the Animal Jam Terms of Service.

Use good judgment and enjoy your adventure!!