Game Safety | Animal Jam Is A Safe Kids Game

Online Safety

Animal Jam is one of the biggest online playgrounds in the world, and we constantly strive to be the safest place where kids can explore, learn, and play wild.

Keeping Animal Jam Safe

Our players' safety is our number one priority. Animal Jam employs a team of community managers, game moderators, and online safety experts who are always hard at work improving Animal Jam's safety measures, including:

Teaching players about engaging in proper and safe online behavior.

Keeping our in-game chat filters up-to-date with ever-changing slang and communication trends.

Closely examining player reports, chat logs, and live gameplay for cyberbullying, inappropriate chat, and other unacceptable behavior.

Appropriately disciplining accounts found in violation of the Animal Jam Rules.

Searching social media and other external sites for scamming, phishing, and other malicious programs and intentions.

Tips for Players

Online safety starts with you. If you want to have a fun, smart, and safe time online, remember these important tips:

It is ok to say NO to anything that makes you uncomfortable.

NEVER tell your password to anyone for any reason.

NEVER share personal information online, including your real name, your photo, your phone number, your birthday, and your address.

If you see something wrong, tell a parent or trusted adult immediately.

Treat other people how you want to be treated.

Report and block other Jammers who are mean, rude, or are breaking the Animal Jam Rules.

Only use the Trading System to trade items in Animal Jam. Never trade using Jam-A-Grams, and never lend your items to other Jammers.

Tips for Parents

Get involved in your child's online experiences. Just like in the real world, your child's time online is better and more meaningful when you're aware, interested, and engaged in what they are doing. Consider the following to improve your child's online experiences:

When possible, be with your child during their online activities.

Ask your child to describe their online play experiences to you.

Frequently discuss proper online safety and behavior with your child.

If possible, have your computer or devices accessible in a visible or central location in your home.

Establish your own family rules and guidelines about computer and device usage.

Safe Harbor

Since our launch in 2010, Animal Jam has been committed to the online safety and privacy of children. We are proud to work closely with the Children's Advertising Review Council (CARU) and have been certified as part of their Safe Harbor program for compliance under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

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