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About Us!

Created in partnership with National Geographic, Animal Jam was launched by WildWorks in 2010 as an exciting and safe online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Since then, Animal Jam has expanded beyond the web to mobile apps that allow kids to keep the fun going anywhere they are.

Despite our success and growth, our mission has been the same: inspire kids to explore and protect the natural world around them.

Why Kids Love Us

Free to Play
From AJ Classic to Animal Jam, all of our animal games are free to play. We want our users to have the best gaming experience possible, so we also offer Club Memberships and premium items to players who want to take their Animal Jam experience to the next level.
As one of the biggest online playgrounds in the world, Animal Jam empowers kids to learn the skills they need to safely navigate the Internet. We are constantly strengthening our safety measures to be the safest place for kids to explore, learn, and play wild.
Collaborative game play is at the heart of Animal Jam. Animal Jam teaches kids how to interact and play with others online in a safe environment. while empowering them to learn the skills they need to safely navigate the Internet.
Animal Jam encourages kids to use their creativity both online and offline by providing tools, resources, how-to content, and sketchbooks that allow kids of all ages to draw or produce their own animal-inspired creations.

Online Safety

Animal Jam is committed to the online privacy and safety of children. We are certified and proud to be working with: