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Member Benefits

5 Sapphires Every Day!
Get 5 sapphires everyday you log into Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Daily Diamonds Bonus!
Win up to 6 bonus diamonds each day!
Weeky Gift!
It could be an avatar accessory, a den Item, gems or sapphires. You’ll get an awesome gift every week when you log into Animal Jam - Playwild.
Be Every Animal!
Unlock EVERY animal and adopt EVERY pet in all of Jamaa! (May require purchase with Diamonds)
  • 5 Sapphires in Play Wild! every day!
  • Weekly Gifts in Play Wild!
  • x2 Gems in Play Wild!
  • Daily Diamond Bonus!
  • Adopt and Customize Pets
  • Member-only Avatars
  • Member-only Accessories
  • Members-only Dens
  • Member-only Parties
  • Make Friends
  • Play Games to Earn Gems
  • 24/7 Moderation
  • Все Игроки Только для Подписчиков
  • *May require purchase with Diamonds.
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